Blasting Acne With a Steam and Tea Tree Oil

Acne is a pain, everyone knows that. There are a number of natural treatments out there (along with a great number of decidedly non-natural ones!) that can help you to heal your acne. Dealing with acne right when you've got it is very helpful for not only looking much better but you'll also reduce the likelihood of you getting acne scars afterwards... and trust me when I say they are quite a lot more annoying to have to deal with.

One of the best natural acne treatments that I know is a combination of steam and tea tree oil.

Steam. Steam is very effective at opening the pores and helping the skin to sweat. This flushes out the bacteria and the oils that cause acne in the first place. This will help your skin to be clearer. Everyone knows the importance of keeping your skin clean (especially if you've got acne or acne prone skin), and steaming helps to flush the skin from the inside out (the most effective way to clean the skin for sure!).

Tea Tree Oil. This essential oil from Australia is a very powerful anti-septic. It has a very strong smell (although not an unpleasant one) and stings a bit, like chemical anti-septics. Unlike the chemical ones though, tea tree oil is natural and can really help your skin. Applying it to acne that's just been opened up by steam is a very powerful way to deal with acne.


    Fill up a basin with very hot water. If your tap hot water doesn't come out hot enough you may need to boil up a kettle and fill the sink up with that.
    You can add something to the water if you like, such as lavender oil. This is so that it smells a bit nicer, nothing more then that.
    Place your skin over the basin and let the steam open up your skin. Remember at all times that steam can be very dangerous and steam burns are more common then you might think. Don't do anything crazy here.
    Remain in this position for about five to ten minutes. Come away earlier if you feel it's too much.
    If you look up in the mirror your skin will have gone a lobster red color. Use a cotton bud with tea tree oil on the end to apply to your acne. It might sting a little bit, but I've never found it too bad.
    You'll probably want to do this treatment in the evening so that you don't have to go around your day with a crazy red face. You may need to do it a few times to get the results you want. It may not work for you either - everyone's skin is different and while this treatment has worked great for me and other people, it might be a different story for you.

I think the combination of steam and tea tree oil is a very effective acne treatment, and one that you should consider trying. Just remember to use caution - as steam can be dangerous.

Article Source: Emilia Holloran


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